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Elevating your stories with emotion.


Jarrod Headley

American born composer and music producer, Jarrod Headley is recognized for his versatile and rare approach to music. Being a multi-instrumentalist live and in the studio for almost 3 decades, he has adopted a unique approach to writing emotion into his work and has enjoyed notoriety in the music industry including TV, film, and music production. Though diverse stylistically, Jarrod’s work has a distinctive thread of emotional balance that compliments the visual aspect that TV and moviegoers are moved by. 


As a young boy, Jarrod Headley was known for aspiring to great things.  Growing up in the Bay Area in California, Jarrod started playing piano and guitar at the age of 4 and continued to develop a love and passion for music since that time.  As his talents progressed, he involved himself in many different musical activities though his formidable years such as marching band, lessons, music projects and learning music production.  In high school, he and his friends formed the rock band Novice which eventually grew to fame including a record contract, multiple album releases and touring all while he taught drumline at his high school. After moving on from the band, Jarrod transitioned into a session musician having the privilege of working with some of the industries top artists, producers, and composers such as Grammy award winning Mark Mancina (August Rush, Con Air, Lion King), Emmy Award winning John Wineglass (All My Children, Smallville, Days of our Lives), Ken Reynolds (Integrity Records), Randall Wallace (Allaire Studios), and many more. 


Later in life Jarrod moved to Colorado to further his education, to advance in his career and explore other musical ventures. When he opened his recording studio, he focused on continuing to progress in the arts of music production, song writing, and composing. Over the years, Jarrod has produced for many artists helping them to achieve fame and success and is known for being one of the top music producers in the area. Through his notoriety and writing style, opportunities opened doors in the tv and film industry. Jarrod has composed and engineered for TV shows on networks such as Magic, NLI, History, Spike, ESPN, CBS, and more. He has composed for shows such as The UFC, Forged in Fire, Ink Master, Ladies in Argentina, inside college football, NFL, NCAA basketball, and more. Currently Jarrod writes and engineers for various films and documentaries in addition to producing. Jarrod brings professionalism, proficiency, and passion to all projects he takes on, whether its producing for an artist, playing as a session musician, or scoring for film or television. In his free time he enjoys giving back to the music community by teaching at different educational institutions and currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Natasha, operating North Park Studios and is working to expand his film and TV career.

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